Our Story

Craftsman, defined as the men and women who built America. A craft can be found in many forms- food, wine, art, wood and metal. Regardless of the skill, the Craftsman can be traced to the culture and growth of our country.

In 1933, an original Craftsman, Nikola Rasic, brought his vision and skills to Los Angeles and opened Nick’s Café on Sunset Blvd. The concept was simple and was truly a hand-crafted labor of food, hospitality and service provided to the people of Southern California. The next generation of Craftsman opened just down the street in 1958 and Nikola’s became known as a Southern California landmark for the next 30 years. Brothers Walt, Pete, and Nick worked from behind the counter while Mama cooked up the daily specials and greeted guests and regulars as they walked through the back kitchen door.

Eighty years after the original Craftsman, the next generation welcomes you with the same spirit of hospitality and service pursued by Nikola in 1933. Fine food and drink accompanied with a comfortable place that you can call home. Enjoy with family, friends and neighbors and be sure to find your seat at our family table.

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